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I am a journalist (big smile: I love saying that) and a coffee lover. I believe journalism should tell untold stories and give a voice to the voiceless. I love Cape Town, the beach, cheese, chocolate and Origin's cappucinos. I don't see the point of making one's bed and I wear odd socks.

Malema’s optimism and teachers disappearing

Media Headliner and unchallenged ANCYL president Julius Malema, speaking at the ANC Youth League’s elective conference this weekend, said that teachers must be well paid but shouldn’t be allowed to strike as they fall under essential services, according to an … Continue reading

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The man who cut off his hand, allegedly, and other tales…

Mielies kept inside Mielies stored for food. Mielie Grinder Dr Heese loves to tell the story of the man with no hand who came to apply to the rural KwaZulu-Natal hospital for a Disability Grant. He told Dr Heese, superintendent … Continue reading

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Pens that go missing in Rural Zululand

If Nosipho lost a pen as a child, she would be beaten. Nosipho’s one year old baby with fluffy hair, a sign of malnourishment, was sucking her mom’s school pens. We were sitting in their concrete house in rural Zululand … Continue reading

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A Swiss nurse, An Afrikaans doctor and their family in Zululand.

Imagine a Swiss nurse, an Afrikaans doctor, their two daughters, a little blonde girl and a small smiley Zulu girl all living in a stone house on the top of a mountain in rural Zululand, KZN. I had the most … Continue reading

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German wedding in Zululand.

On Friday morning I woke up in rural Zululand and found a short German woman in her sixties in my lounge. She said in heavy German accent – “no English”. Only in Ingwavuma would I be sharing a house for … Continue reading

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Strange things heard in rural KwaZulu Natal

1) I am sorry we couldn’t do that interview hey. I had to go and collect water for my mother. So I wanted to speak briefly to a young guy here, who I will call L, for five minutes today. … Continue reading

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How one man did what the Local government don’t do.

In the early 80’s there was a cholera outbreak in Mseleni – Northern Zululand – not far from the diving tourist spot of Sodwana Bay. De Victor Fredlund was one of the only two doctors, both British, working at Mseleni … Continue reading

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My bad day chasing the Premier of KZN and why it wasn’t actually “bad’- eg: I gave a lift to a person who could not use a seat belt.

I am a coffee addict and started the day realising I’d left my special coffee cup maker in Sodwana Bay where I stayed when I was interviewing doctors at Mseleni hospital nearby. I felt jittery and panicked and being without … Continue reading

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Over-the-top churches, ANC political rally and Kill the Farmer chants.

I went to a very charismatic, Pentecostal church as a young teenager- it was emotional and fun and seemed meaningful at the time. I have recently reunited with a high school friend from that time- 16 years later (Feel OLD). … Continue reading

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Zululand and The American Declaration of Independence

Can you put The American Declaration of Independence into plain, modern English? Ok, you might ask “why would I want to?” Hold that thought. Just try: “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, … Continue reading

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