God’s weekend

Tomorrow is Good Friday – a day I always remember feeling confused as a kid. It was a day we ate – and still do – eat Pickled Fish as some kind of Family tradition passed down from my grandfather who wasn’t Catholic or Coloured. And therefore had no reason to expect Pickled Fish on Good Friday but nevertheless.

Good Friday was ‘Good’, so when I was young I thought I should be happy but apparently not.

My dad seemed to think we were supposed to be sad cause Jesus our God was dead. So here’s this public holiday ( no school) with this yummy lunch and Hot Cross Buns and I was supposed to be miserable. ‘Cause Jesus had  died –  but he wasn’t dead anymore anyway. Confussssing.

I was glad when Easter arrived cause then we all agreed we could be happy so I was no longer confused and I got Easter Eggs.

As an adult it’s less perplexing, although last year Eugene Terreblanche died and I worked harder on Easter than any day before in the newsroom.  I was so busy I forgot to pay my rent and got a rude note from my landlords threatening to evict me. Not much of an Easter. I did keep the Easter Eggs I got for the landlords and ate them myself.

Then Deputy Health minister Molefi Sefularo died on Easter Monday in a car accident and thanks to some Tow Truck drivers or paramedics, gruesome pics were brought back to the newsroom by the reporter.  Not much of an Easter Monday.

This year it’s Two Oceans Madness watching my dad finish his tenth Two Oceans (the real long version) on Easter Saturday and finally getting his permanent number that he has wanted for so long. It’s like a life milestone for him.  Although a friend’s son has suggested easier ways to get a permanent number (think Polsmoor and the 28s). It will be a celebration a day before Easter, although my dad will be limping.

I am also going to read Mail and Guardian’s Religion edition which is always popular. I wonder why newspapers and online sites are so devoid of religion in this country. The news is completely secular despite a very religious population and the success of the M&G religion edition newspaper every Easter Weekend.


About Kat child

I am a journalist (big smile: I love saying that) and a coffee lover. I believe journalism should tell untold stories and give a voice to the voiceless. I love Cape Town, the beach, cheese, chocolate and Origin's cappucinos. I don't see the point of making one's bed and I wear odd socks.
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1 Response to God’s weekend

  1. John Child says:

    Good of you to write about Good Friday & Easter. But where you got the message that we must be sad on Good Friday I do not know. Your mother & I never taught that. I certainly taught that Good Friday is a time to remember & reflect on the cross & so there is a seriousness to the day. But remembering the cross is a joy for Christians since we know that because of Jesus’ cross death we know our sins are forgiven. The Catholic tradition emphasizes Jesus’ physical suffering on the cross, dress in black or dark clothes & I think they tend to be sad but not being Catholic I’m not sure. I do know that in the Philippines they re-enact the crucifixion (without all the pain) & I think are sad.

    Regarding pickled fish my parents & your grandparents came out of the Anglo-Catholic tradition, eat fish on Fridays & pickled fish on Good Friday. I always linked the pickled fish to my mother, perhaps because she made it. Probably it was part of both their traditions though I have my doubts whether my father’s mother cooked pickled fish as he only came to faith as a young man through a South African priest who witnessed to him in England. My mother’s father was an Anglican priest so I guess she did grow up with pickled fish on Good Fridays.

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